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When you use Biggest Deal Ever it means you are hiring a Veteran who honorably served his country, a small business owner who admires entrepreneurs because I understand the sacrifice, a father and someone who truly believes in The Biggest Deals motto. Your Production is that important and our service is that good. Thank You.

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Michael has a gifted ability to convey the marketing message through the medium of video. Not only is he talented with post production video work, he’s able to direct and capture the marketing message in such a way that easily allows the viewer to take the desired action.

Having executed many product launches since 1998, I’ve come to realize the success or failure of any project is highly dependent on putting many skill sets and moving parts together. Hiring professionals that can all come together with openness and candidness to put the pieces together is key to project success and speed to execution.

Michael Johnson is a true pleasure to work with. Michael’s ability to rise to any challenge and deliver in a effective and efficient way is what makes him a valuable asset and resource for your next project.

Michael Bachert
President, Target Internet Development Corporation

I know Micheal to be an honest, hard-working individual. I greatly admire his drive and creativity. He would be be one of the first people I consult with concerning a project that needed any type of media production.

Scott Kulczar Senior Project Manager at Barton Malow Company

Finding Michael was like hitting the jackpot for me. Unfamiliar with audio and video work, I needed someone who could help me convey a marketing message and convert that into a audio and video experience. Michael was very diligent in getting to understand my business and audience and was very successful in delivering a top notched product!

Eric Friedman SVP, Director of Loan Servicing at Citadel Servicing Corp. Non-Prime Lending